Valuas croquette
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Choose one of the product ranges

  • Valuas Croquette (110 gram)
  • Valuas bitterbal (45 gram)
  • The Valuas oven croquette (110 gram)
  • The Veal/truffle croquette (85 gram)
  • The Asparagus Ham croquette (85 gram)
  • Vol-au vent croquette (Chicken) (85 gram)
  • Valuas oven bitterbal (45 gram)
  • Beef goulash croquette (85 gram)
  • Wild croquette (85 gram)
  • Fish croquet (85 gram)
  • Dutch shrimp croquette (60 gram)
  • Tomato risotto croquette (85 gram)
  • Mushroom croquette (85 gram)
  • Cheese croquette (50 gram)
  • Asparagus croquette (85 gram)
  • Mozzarella croquette (85 gram)
  • Curry croquette (85 gram)
  • The Gluten free Valuas croquette (80 gram)
  • The Gluten-Free Valuas bitterbal (45 gram)
  • Crispy scampi (1 piece, 16/20) (10 gram)

New at Valuas:

croquettes assortment box

The croquettes assortment box is a delicious box to enjoy yourself or to give as a present! Be surprised by the diversity of our range and order a box!

10 types of different delicious Valuas croquettes packed per 2 in a beautiful gift box for the chip shop worth € 25.00. So 20 croquettes to enjoy yourself or to give as a present! The croquette box contains various Valuas classics such as the Valuas beef croquette, Dutch shrimp croquette and the goulash croquette, as well as delicious seasonal croquettes! It is also possible to order the croquette box for the oven / airfryer, then € 5.00 will be added to the total price. If there are dietary requirements or allergies, we adjust the croquette boxes as desired.

The croquette box is fun to give and even more fun to receive!

Order now via 077-354 11 41 or